About  the band, 


The Ben Parker Project is just what the name implies.  The project is to

perfect the talent of the now 17 year old Ben Parker.  The band is a family

affair.  Ben's parents, Gaylon and Kendra provide harmony and lead vocals,

while his dad is also on bass guitar.  Zach Lowery also adds vocals and plays rhythm guitar while bringing energy and excitement to the stage.  Ben fronts the band with his strong vocal, showmanship, and dynamic lead guitar licks.  Ben has been playing and writing since he was eight. He and his dad have also co-written some songs for his EP. 


The Ben Parker Project is a country band with diverse roots running through many different genres of music.  Their shows feature high energy performances with primarily country selections from Merle Haggard to Keith Urban, but you will also hear an occasional blues, classic rock, or a gospel tune due to the influence of their musical heritage.  The show provides something for every member of the family enjoy!



John Anderson Show, Sheffield Street Party 2013